Getting a free CNA training

Paying for CNA training can be hard for many people. If so, then they must be careful in finding and applying for free CNA training programs. CNA training often cost much because of the various trainings that the course consists such as CPR training, stethoscope, scrubs and other related clinical training costs. All these costs sum up to make a huge sticker price and so it’s very difficult to get a free CNA training program. But this does not mean that there are no free CNA trainings available out there.

Receiving financial aid from the government is one of the best ways to fund your CNA training and for this unemployment is required. The US government offers educational funding to students and also pays students for their unemployment while they attend CNA classes.

Another available option for getting free CNA training classes through government’s fund is by joining community colleges. In the US, most community colleges offer CNA training classes and among those community colleges, all have government funded financial aid available for students. If the student’s family income is less than $25000, or he/she is a veteran or has children, then the student has a good shot of getting free CNA classes through government’s fund in form of grants.

Another way of getting funded for the CNA classes is by joining a nursing home. In the US, there are many nursing homes that prepare students for CNA training and examination for free of cost. Since nursing homes run on donations and are nonprofit organizations, they do not expect students to pay for their education. But they do sign a contract with the students to get the pay back in the form of service for a certain period of time.

At last but not the least, you can call local medical facilities, elderly care facilities, and even the CNA training programs and inquire to know if any kind of funding, grant or internships are available that would sponsor CNA training for a student. Although it’s a tiring job, it is worth a shot.

Here’s the basic Nursing Assistant job description

A nursing assistant is a medical officer whose work range can vary from watching admitted patient’s physical condition to maintaining their hygiene and feeding schedules. The main duty of the nursing assistant is the daily management of their patients such as taking care of the routine needs of the patients and report about the health of the patient to physicians. Following are the basic job responsibilities of a certified nursing assistant:nursing assistant job descriptions Here’s the basic Nursing Assistant job description

  1. One of the basic tasks of the nursing assistant includes looking after the day to day personal activities of the patient. This often includes bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, feeding, ambulating and others. The nursing assistant is required to maintain the hygiene of the patient well. Along with the hygiene of the patient, the nursing assistant is also required to take care of the cleanliness of surrounding area like room, furniture, etc.
  2. Nursing assistant not only take care of the patient’s hygiene but also keep an eye on the physical condition of the patient. It is their duty to look after vital sign’s of the patient such as measuring blood pressure, pulse, temperature and respiration. They are also required to collect patient’s specimens for laboratory tests.
  3. Not only are the nursing assistant required to take care of feeding, toileting, bathing and other schedules of the patients, they are also required to assist the patient with various physical works such as doing light exercise, shifting positions, moving, lifting and transporting. Nursing assistant should help the patient to regain or maintain physical strength and musculoskeletal functions.
  4. Nursing assistants are not only expected to assist the patients but are also expected to assist doctors and nurses in various tasks such as applying non-sterile dressings, handling of contaminated objects, reporting and observing environmental situations which might spread infection. They are also expected to maintain required documentations and paper works.
  5. Nursing assistants are also expected to provide emotional and social support and comfort to the patients along with the physical support.
  6. Nursing assistants are required to have a valid CNA license to work as a CNA. Moreover they are also required to have a good communication skill.
  7. Nursing assistants must be willing to work in any time period. Since most medical facilities do not have a fixed schedule every day, nursing assistants should not expect for a 9-5 job. Instead they should be willing to work at any time of the day.