How to Become a Registered Nurse

Registered nurse commonly stands for RN. RN is the person who has acquired the degree up to bachelor level with the comprehensive licensing test. The hospitals, doctors’ office, emergency ward, health clinic and school are some of the working area of the RNs. Some registered nurse travels throughout the nation as the freelance nurse gaining experience in the remote health sector. Now if are wishing to be the RN then here are some points that will help you.

  1. You have to be perfectly skilled in your math and science in your high school. Especially in chemistry, biology, algebra and calculus.
  2. You have to give the formal exam of SAT and ACT. There will be high competition for the admission in the undergraduate level.
  3. You should be geek as to be at the top of the list with the grade of above 3.0 in the college yourself in order to be in the desirable nursing college.
  4. You must be fluent in foreign language with at least 2 year course as well as 3 years math and science and 4 years of English classes in the undergraduate level.
  5. Decide yourself what kind of certificate you need.  You can have different type of course in the nursing field that need different requirement. You can choose the associate degree in 2 year or the bachelor degree in 3year. While if you choose the BSN after associate level, it will take 2 more year in additional.
  6. Many of the school don’t have the nursing course, so choose the right college you want to attend. These colleges will require some prerequisite course that should be completed and hence you can apply for the nursing course.
  7. Firstly you have to pass the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination). This is the complete test that you must pass before you get the license. You can visit to the Nursing Board in your state to check for the NCLEX exams.
  8. In order to continue the practice in nursing, you have to study further beyond the associate or Bachelor degree. So keep your study in continuation.

Tips and warning:

If you have made up your mind with the nursing career, it will take you many years of education and large sum of money. First you have to find the appropriate nursing school for your nursing program. Once you become a nurse, think this career as vey emotionally charge one. Consider the finances you have. You will not be the nurse in a single night. It takes years of study, text books and the fees. Talk to the finance aid office to deal about the scholarship, student loans in your school.

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Interested in CNA career?

Are you one of those many people who want to pursue an exciting career as a CNA but don’t have much idea about the CNA career itself? If your answer is yes then we are here to give you all information required to kick start your career.

A CNA, which stands for Certified Nursing Assistant, is a medical officer that is in charge of various activities related to patients. A CNA takes care of all records of a patient and updates the RN, or doctor. Additionally, a CNA is the first person most patients see before the RN or doctor comes in to the hospital, nursing home, or patient room at a doctor’s office.

cna career Interested in CNA career?

CNA career

To become a CNA, there are certain requirements that you must meet in order to get legal permit to work. The requirements may vary from one state to another; however, the general requirements are usually the same at all the states. To start a reputed career of a CNA, the first thing that you need to consider is getting the best possible education. Usually, you can take CNA training classes at various community colleges, universities, nursing homes and hospitals as well as American Red Cross. The cost of CNA training usually ranges from $800 to $1200. You can also get financial aid at community colleges for your studies. At some nursing homes and hospitals, you can even get free CNA trainings. Usually at such nursing homes, you will have to work for them for a certain period of time.

If you don’t have enough time to attend a CNA training class, you can also take online CNA class. You can take the theoretical part of the CNA training through online classes and then register at a local medical facility for the practical session. In order to appear the CNA certification examination, you will have to complete 75 to 125 hours of classes. After you complete your training classes, you can register for the CNA certification exam of your state. The exam consists of two sections: the written test and the clinical test. In order to get the CNA license, you will have to pass both the test in the same setting.

After you pass the CNA certification exam, you are ready to start your career as a Certified Nursing Assistant. The last but not the least, to get a job as a CNA, you should start hunting for CAN jobs and vacations. You should tailor a strong CNA resume that will help you get a well paying CNA job. Also, you should prepare yourself for the job interview. You should confidently express yourself and your qualities that will persuade the employer to hire you. If all done as said, your CNA career will flourish.

Good luck!