Know all about Red Cross CNA Training

If you are interested to choose Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) as a career then you may be delighted to know that the American Red Cross provides nationally recognized CNA training in different part of the United States. The training covers a nationally recognized curriculum and uses the requirements of each state.

According to the American Red Cross rules, a CNA trainee must attend all classes for the successful completion of the course. You must also display good performance in skill and knowledge evaluation test. The trainings can be strenuous sometimes and might require extensive physical effort, so the participants must be physically fit as well as free of any communicable disease in order to fully participate in the training classes and drills. If you have any questions regarding the medical conditions, then you must discuss them in advance before the course starts. During the course, some of the skills that the trainee learn are measuring a patient’s blood pressure, temperature, and pulse, positioning the patient safely as well as ambulating them. They are also required to maintain all the documentations, charts and paperwork. And, in a Red Cross CNA course, students also learn to take CPR to better handle emergency circumstances.

red cross cna training Know all about Red Cross CNA Training

Red Cross CNA training


After successful completion of the Red Cross CNA training course, you must sit for a CNA license exam which must be successfully completed before entering a medical facility. The exam consist of two parts: the Skills Test and the Written Test. The exam takes approximately five and a half hours for completion. The trainee should first pass the Skills Test before taking the Written Test. Upon successfully passing the examination, the trainee will receive a certification stating that he or she is legally permitted to work as a CNA.

The American Red Cross training program has its own set of requirements that the CNA participants must fulfill. These are:

  • The participant must be 18 years or older
  • The participant should not have been involved in any kind of felony or misdemeanor within last 7 years.
  • The trainee cannot be pregnant.
  • The trainee must be free of all communicable diseases.

During the course of study, all students are required to:

  • Arrive on time
  • Attend all classes (only 6 missed hours are permitted; all the missed hours must be covered)
  • Pass the final test with a score of 80% or higher


Finding free CNA training programs

Nowadays certified nursing assistant job are highly in demand. But CNA training programs cost you a lot of money. Once you had finished the training course, it pays you more than you have expected. So if you have aimed to become a certified nursing assistant, here are some few points to become a certified nurse.



At the first step you have to find out the phone numbers of the nursing homes around your local area. Call each one of the nursing home and ask whether they are offering you CNA training classes. Mostly, if you want to work as the assistant in the nursing home for 3-6 month, you can sign the contract. So in this way you can get the free CNA training classes. But if there is more than one offering you, you choose the best one and approach for it.


You can even visit the Workforce office which is nearest. These places offer CNA training to the people who cannot afford for the training program. And the most appropriate way to talk is face to face with the representative. So you can get the best information you want.


Check out for the local community college to find out whether they are offering CNA classes or not. If they are offering you this, ask if they give a scholarship to the people who are not able to pay the cost for the tuition classes. Mostly this scholarship scheme is offered to those who have low income.

Tips and warning

There is another option. You can also try for the local hospitals, health office whether they are offering you the free CNA training.

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